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3 Kitchen Windows To Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel

In any home, the kitchen is a center for entertainment and living. The quality of your kitchen affects its functionality and its value. Better windows can improve both of these factors. The project of updating a kitchen is an important task that affects the whole home. Your choice of windows can improve factors such as ventilation, natural light, and overall look. There are three window types to consider: casement windows, bay/bow windows, and double hung windows.

harvey casement windowsCasement Windows

For a window that lets in natural light and creates an open view, consider a casement window. They can be opened and closed with a crank, making them easily accessible from places such as across a sink. They are perfect for letting in plenty of natural light and fresh air into your kitchen. Let them draw attention to your beautiful, new kitchen and make the time spent in it an enjoyable one.

Bay and Bow Windows

Harvey Bow WindowsBay windows offer a beautiful, open view as well as a functional sitting area. They can serve as a spot to sit down and relax, prepare for your day, or simply as a place of decoration. Whether you’re putting plants or pillows by your bay window, it is a significant area. It can also provide great insulation using its thermal technology to effectively regulate the temperature in your home.

Bow windows also provide unique views with smaller curve style. They work especially well in kitchens and providing an open view into the back yard. From inside your kitchen or from your back yard, they are a beautiful addition that will improve your home’s appearance and insulation.

Double Hung Windows

double hung windows for kitchenFor a window that needs to spread over a bigger space while supporting the structure of your home, consider a double hung window. They lock securely with a heavy-duty sweep lock to provide safety in your home. Double hung windows are also energy efficient and simple to clean with a tilt-in latch cleaning. As double-hung windows are both functional and attractive, they are a great choice to include in your kitchen remodel.


New windows will add both value and functionality to your home.

Installing new windows can be difficult, no matter what level of experience you have. You should rely on a professional window installer for your next home project. Let us help you identify the type of kitchen window that suites your new kitchen design!

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