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5 Ways CT Homeowners Can Insulate Their Home This Winter

The cooler weather has come and Connecticut homeowners are looking for ways to keep their houses as warm as possible and not spend excessive money each month on heating bills.

The best and most efficient way to achieve this is through proper insulation. The goal is to minimize keeping the cold air outside and the warm air inside. The two biggest leaks in your home are your windows and doors. Installing new replacement windows and doors can make a HUGE difference in the comfort of your home. Contact one of our installers to discuss replacement windows and doors.

If new windows and doors are not in you budget, and you’re interested in lowering your energy utilities there are some cheap, effective, do-it-yourself solutions.

Simple tips such as insulating your window panes, sealing your door and using caulk around every home opening can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Check out these tips below, so your winters can stay bearable.

Caulk Your Windows

Your windows might be closed, but there’s a chance that small gaps are allowing heat to seep through your window frame. Naturally over time, gaps form when the seal is broken. A quick solution to this problem is caulking which creates a clean air-tight seal. It also keeps moisture from rotting the windows.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are currently the most popular shades available today. They feature two layers of polyester fabric that allows CT homeowners to keep the cold out while still letting light in. Adding them to your windows can add as much as 62 percent of heat transfer. They’re also undetectable when completely raised, causing no obstruction to your outside view. However, cellular shades are light-filtering which gives consumers the same privacy but still allows natural light to filter through.

seal drafty doors to help winterizeMake Sure Your Doors Are Sealed

A major culprit for creating drafts in your home are the doors. Most of the time, it’s the gap at the bottom that’s allowing heat to escape. Purchasing a draft stopper can help, they can be found at most home improvement stores or you can consider creating one with craft supplies.

And if your door has windows and they aren’t insulated, consider covering the windows with a thermal curtain or plastic window insulation.

Thick Loaded Curtains

Curtains that are thick with a thermal lining protect your home from losing heat through the windows. Ideally, they’ll match your home decor but if you’re not concerned about aesthetic, you can line your windows with fleece or shower curtains. You can also put these curtains in front of doors as an added layer of protection.

Wrap Your Hot Water Tank

It sounds unorthodox but proper insulation of your hot water tank can cut heat loss by 80% with a full recoup in less than six months. Snag a insulation blanket from your local hardware store and wrap it around the tank. Position the blanket so the ends don’t meet over the tank’s access panels.


For the best way to keep the winter cold out of your home, contact J.C. Tonnotti to discuss insulated replacement windows and doors.


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