How To Beat Basement Flooding

In both new and old homes, a wet or damp basement can be a common problem. When we are on site to replace doors, we often find water or moisture issues in basements created by problems with the sealing around cellar doors – i.e. if there is a cellar door accessed from outside. A common cause of flooding.

Damp basements prevent you from using the space to the fullest potential. Wet basements often lead to mold, mildew, and ruined flooring and wall materials. Even worse, a wet basement can become a structural liability if the issue is not resolved. Below we have included an infographic, which attempts to explain why water seeps into your basement.


Beating Basement Flooding

From Visually.

Whether or not you are experiencing water or moisture



Basement remodeling can be a fun experience, partly because homeowners get the chance to use their creativity. Think outside of the box, and please contact us to share your ideas and get our advice. After all, an unfinished basement (or a basement that is dark, damp, and dingy) is a waste of valuable space in your home. With the help of J.C. Tonnotti, you can turn your basement into a warm and comfortable space that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.