Sunroom in Connecticut

Sunroom Benefits: Is it cost effective to add a sunroom to your home?

A look at the typs of sunrooms, sunroom benefits, and the cost of adding a sunroom.

Sunroom in Connecticut

Sunrooms can offer homeowners a lot of value. Whether it be from increased square footage or just a new room for enjoying the glorious New England seasons sunrooms have a lot to offer.

Sunroom Benefits


High ROI and Improve Curb Appeal. Any improvement to your home can improve the home value. Sunrooms do attract more potential buyers. Whether you intend to sell soon or not for many years, the value of your home will increase a well-constructed sunroom.


More Rooms = More Space. Adding an additional room to your home is valuable for many reasons. Perhaps you need more space. Since sunrooms are open rooms with big windows, they can help create the perception that you have more space and natural light in your home. Sunrooms not only function as a great space for entertaining guests, but they can also serve as a family room, game room, home gym, hobby room, or a children’s play area.


For many homeowners, a sunroom is an investment in lifestyle as well as in your home. Many families invest in a sunroom because it is something that the family can enjoy. A sunroom provides a space for entertaining, relaxing, family gatherings, or even working from home.

Types of Sunrooms

There are many construction options when it comes to enhancing an existing sunroom or adding a new sunroom to your home. Many Connecticut homes already have year-round and 3-season sunrooms that might benefit from replacing older windows with new thermal windows.  For the new construction of a sunroom, you will have to identify type of sunroom and select the type of roof system, wall system, windows, and doors. Here are some things to consider about different types of sunrooms:


A solarium or a conservatory is typically a glass-enclosed structure. Usually, the walls and ceiling/roof are made of windows or glass. They are designed to bring as much of the outdoors inside. They are not always functional or comfortable in cooler seasons.

3-Season: Spring – Summer – Fall

Three-season sunrooms are not insulated, nor do they have heat and air conditioning. However, the construction of a 3-season sunroom makes them less expensive to construct and maintain. They are built for the express purpose of extending use during the spring, summer, and fall.

4-Season: + Winter

A four-season sunroom is a winterized, year-round room that is:

  • fully insulated
  • has a heat source
  • and has air conditioning

An Addition

An addition is when you add another room to your house. The exterior of the addition matches your home’s facade and the heating and cooling systems are connected to the house.

Will A Sunroom Work With My Home?

It is best to speak with a professional contractor to discuss your ideas for a sunroom and the different costs and what might be best for your home. Here are some ideas for sunroom design on HOUZZ.

J.C. Tonnotti can help you plan your sunroom or replace the windows in your existing space.

Contact J.C. Tonnotti to discuss the cost and sunroom benefits.


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