What Are The Benefits Of A New Garage Door?

garage door installationsIn Connecticut, summer is a popular season for tackling home improvements, especially to the exterior of your home. For those with “get a new garage door” on the top of their home improvements TO DO list, here is some information about the benefits of new verses fixing an existing door.

Some homeowners use their garage for storage and it isn’t until they begin opening and closing the garage to get out lawn mowers, bicycles, pool equipment, toys, beach chairs … that they notice that the garage door is chipping, squeaking, or just not functioning properly.

Can the garage door be fixed? Or should it be replaced?

The garage door has a function… to hide what’s in the garage; parked cars, tools, supplies and valuable sports equipment. It must be able to lock. And it usually provides an additional means to enter the home, if it is an attached garage.

Top 3 Benefits of Installing a NEW Garage Door

You might be able to re-paint your current garage door or fix the lock. But, by installing a new garage door, you are improving your home. There are many benefits to installing a new garage door; increased insulation, energy efficiency, safety, and value are among these benefits.


Over time, the exterior of the door wears down and older, worn out garage doors were rarely insulated. In the winter cold winter air is getting into your garage and could seep into your house. And in the summer some garages can feel like a sauna. New garage doors come with built-in insulation and will keep hot air out in the summer and cold air out in the winter.

Energy Efficiency

The insulation that is helping to maintain an even temperature in the summer and winter has the additional benefit of helping you save money on heating and cooking bills. Your new, insulated door is a means to improving the energy efficiency of your home.


Every homeowner wants to be safe in his or her own house. If a garage door is older or more worn, it is more vulnerable to break-ins. This threatens the safety of your home.

By installing a new door, you can take steps to improving the safety of your home. Newer, durable materials resist tampering and deter someone from breaking in.

New garage doors call also be much safer, especially for children and pets. These doors contain a photoelectric sensor, which will detect the presence when closing. This means no accidents with kids or pets. A new garage door makes your house a safer place, in more ways than one.

Increased Value by Improving the Appearance

In addition to the benefits of improved safety and energy efficiency, a new garage door can dramatically improve the appearance and curb appeal of your home. Especially if your garage door can be easily seen from the street.

There are many different garage door styles you can choose from!

The materials used to make the garage door, the design, and the window styles can have a major affect on the appearance of your whole house.

  • Materials choices: fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and steel are just a few of your options
  • Garage door styles: traditional, modern, carriage house style, country/barn styles, and windowless
  • Garage door colors: some garage doors are maintenance free and have no need of paint, whereas others you can stain or paint to any color to match or contrast to your home exterior
  • Window styles: custom garage doors allow you to select the window style as well to ensure privacy or add additional light

There are clear benefits to installing a new garage door. Improved safety, energy efficiency, and increased value are just a few of these benefits.

Consider a new garage door for your home today and contact J.C. Tonnotti.