Vinyl Siding Myths Debunked!

If you are considering re-siding your home, you have likely done some preliminary research on the different types of materials. Many people still hesitate to choose vinyl siding due to certain myths. In this post, we intend to debunk those vinyl siding myths and give you the real truth about vinyl siding!

Myth #1: Vinyl Siding Isn’t Durable

Vinyl siding’s lightweight properties can fool some homeowners into thinking that it won’t last, or that it can’t withstand the outside elements well. The truth is, vinyl siding is certified to withstand high winds of up to 110 mph and can resist cold, heat, and moisture for years.

Myth #2: Vinyl Siding is Poor Quality

Vinyl siding is sometimes mistakenly thought of as lower in quality in comparison to the other options. You should NOT subscribe to this misconception. Today’s vinyl siding is better than ever, many sidings have fade-resistant finishes. And vinyl siding companies are putting their money where their mouth is and offering vinyl siding warranties that can range anywhere from 20 – 40 years to transferable lifetime warranties. (Remember to ask us about the warranties)

Myth #3: All Vinyl Siding Looks The Same

Many homeowners in Connecticut believe that vinyl siding will make their home look like every other house. This may have been true when vinyl siding was first used in the 1950’s; however, since then many efforts have been made in terms of both design and performance. Vinyl siding leads the way in home exterior design and can transform an outdated home into one that is beautiful and refreshed.

Did You Know: That vinyl siding is available in virtually ANY Color!

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, there are more than 350 colors available. And there are a variety of finishes and custom trim and accessories. Vinyl siding can be customized to fit just about any home. It can look vastly different from a neighboring home that also has vinyl siding.

Did You Know: Vinyl is the #1 choice in siding materials.

Vinyl siding is America’s number one choice for siding material. More homeowners clad their homes with vinyl siding than any other exterior materials.


When it comes to adding siding to your home, get all the facts before making a decision. Vinyl siding is the #1 siding material used in the US because of:

  • cost efficiency
  • low maintenance
  • high quality
  • beautiful appearance
  • and customization options.

Looking for a low maintenance, high in quality solution for your home’s exterior?

Vinyl siding is the clear choice.

J.C. Tonnotti offers a wide range of vinyl siding options to give your Connecticut home the makeover it deserves. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your home’s vinyl siding, and at J.C. Tonnotti, we are here to help you bring your vision to life.

Vinyl Siding … You will never paint again!

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