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Are energy-efficient homes more valuable for resale in Connecticut?

While going green is good for the environment, can also be good for your wallet.

Energy-efficient homes are the #1  home improvement that appeals to ALL homebuyers.

“More than 80% of homebuyers said they would pay more for features that saved energy and trimmed utility bills”

~ according to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders.

This information can be valuable to home sellers who are looking to improve the value of their homes. Home improvements that reduce utility bills may be THE investment that will get a seller top dollar and multiple offers.

Making a speedy sale. If you are interested in making cost-cutting, energy-efficient improvements a selling point for your home … What you choose to do depends on your budget, time frame, and the perceived benefit. In addition to obvious investments such as energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and cooling systems consider your windows, door, and skylights.

1) Replace Your Windows with Energy Efficient Windows

Your windows have a major effect on how much you pay for energy in both the winter and summer months. Vinyl replacement windows are one of the most energy-efficient options available! They are extremely effective insulators for your home, due in part to the windows low U-factor.

Basically, a U-factor score measures the heat loss or gain through a material. The lower the value, the greater the window’s resistance is to heat flow and the higher its insulation. Energy Star vinyl replacement windows meet all of Energy Star’s eco-friendly criteria. And you could qualify for federal tax credits. Also, vinyl windows are recyclable so eventually, when you replace them, they can be reused to make new resources.

As a Connecticut homeowner, your home is a big investment and an important part of your life. Replacing old mismatched or drab windows can vastly improve the look of your home and the value of your investment. Replacement windows will increase the comfort level within your home.

2) Replace Your Entry Doors

Another way you can save money on energy bills is to replace your entry door with an energy-efficient door. For example, nearly all Therma-Tru doors are Energy Star qualified and NFRC certified. Energy Star-rated doors must insulate well and provide a complete seal.

Fiberglass doors insulate up to five times better than wood doors. Fiberglass entry doors do not conduct heat. This minimizes the exchange of heat between the two sides of the door. During the winter months, your door will actually be warm to the touch.

According to, replacing drafty doors with energy-efficient doors that meet Energy Star requirements lowers energy bills by 7-15%. When we install a replacement door it is finished with triple-seal weather-stripping to maximize energy savings.

3) Upgrading or Installing a Skylight

While many energy-efficient home improvements work their magic behind the scenes, an Energy Star-qualified skylight is front-and-center – it will save energy and add beauty to your home. Skylights appeal to a homebuyers’ aesthetic senses and their innate passion for savings. Skylights are especially well received in kitchens and baths where they provide natural light, fresh air and privacy. A no-leak solar powered fresh-air skylight can help reduce electricity costs by providing passive ventilation and natural light.

Energy-efficient home improvements are great for resale – very appealing to homebuyers!

The home improvement staff at J.C. Tonnotti are Energy-Efficient Experts. Selling and install ENERGY STAR products to create energy-efficient homes.

Do you have a beautiful new homes or gorgeous, old, drafty New England home? Contact us to further improve its value with energy-efficency feature .

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