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Finding and Fixing Roof Leaks


Most roof leaks are minor problems and can be fixed at a low cost and rather quickly. But identifying a roof leak and what you need to fix it takes some skill. Without addressing a roof leak your roof can have mold, rotten wood, and leaks all over your house.

Where Is The Leak?

Discovering a roof leak sounds easy but is in some cases much more difficult. Leaks can start in one spot but appear far from their source. The best way to spot a leak is to inspect your roof and look for damaged shingles, flashing, or other elements that protect your roof. Leaks can be caused by normal wear and tear – the age of your roof, damaged shingles, roof vents, dormers, flashing, and holes created by any variety of issues. We recommend being pro-active and having your roof inspected once a year.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles are a tough material, they withstand the brunt of abuse on your house yet are so critical to the safety of your house. Shingles are designed to protect your house from water, snow, the sun, and temperature change. Since shingles are subject to such abuse they need to be checked and replaced when needed. If a shingle is split, broken, etc. remove it. If possible try to identify if you can track the source of the leak so that area where the shingle is being repaired.

Roof Vent Issues

A roof vent protrudes from to top of your roof affecting the downward flow of rain and snow off of your roof. If the roof vent should get cracked water can flow directly into your house. Replace your roof vent immediately. In addition to nailing it down, have it caulked to help prevent future leaks from happening.

Water Entering Around Dormers

A dormer is a structure that is protruding from the slope of your roof. With having such a
prominent feature your roof can experience many leaks if not properly addressed. If a dormer
has missing pieces to the siding meant to protect it then water can be finding its way right into your house. Replace any missing siding and caulk so that your dormers have the waterproof seal that they need.

Rising Step Flashing

Step Flashing is metal stripping that protects the meeting of your roof and a wall. When step
flashing rusts or slips it will then allow water to flow directly into your house! Damaged step
flashing is one of the easiest issues to spot and replace to prevent possible leaks. A simple fix with new flashing can eliminate the possibility of leaks returning.

Holes Do Not Belong

When you have something mounted on your roof it opens an opportunity for water to find its way
into your house. If you have devices removed from your house such as solar panels, TV satellites, or a canopy they can leave holes in your roof. These holes although small can translate into leaks and creating huge problems within your house.

DIY or Hire a Roof Contractor?

Some homeowners may complete a good amount of basic roof repair; however, you should not attempt to do the same with major roofing issues. For larger problems, make a plan to contact your insurer as well as your residential Connecticut roofing company as soon as possible.

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