Ice Dams

Experiencing Ice Dams On Your Home?

Connecticut homeowners experience bad weather with blowing snow and low temperatures. Sunny days and efficient heating systems melt the snow off the roof, and instead of sparkling icicles, huge ice waterfalls or ice dams develop!

J.C. Tonnotti receives many calls with people asking what to do about these new ice dams developing on homes.

If not taken care of properly, ice dams can damage your home. Attempting to remove the ice can hurt gutters, vinyl sidings, and roofs.

If you have any ice dam damage, J.C. Tonnotti can repair the damage!

Ice Dam Information

We’d like to share the information and resources below to help minimize the damages that ice dams can cause.

What is an ice dam?

Warm, poorly insulated roofs cause snow to melt then freeze again when it hits the cooler eves, causing dangerous icicles and a phenomenon called ice dams. This creates big problems for homeowners as melting ice and snow can seep through the walls.

Resource Links on CT Ice Dam Prevention and Fixes – See what the experts say…

If unsuccessful in preventing or removing ice dams from a home,
Contact J.C. Tonnotti for ice dam damage repairs.