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What Are The Pros and Cons Of Installing Bay Windows?

In our years of installing replacement windows in homes in Connecticut, we’ve found that bay windows are a cost-effective, value added addition for any home, as they become the focal point of a room.

Your choice of window makes an essential impact on your home’s decor. Choosing the right replacement windows will influence the ambiance of any room, whether you’re making your home quieter, less drafty, or hoping to improve aesthetics. Bay windows can increase the natural lighting in a room, improve ventilation, and have a positive impact on your home’s curb appeal.

If you are considering replacement windows for your home, here are a few benefits and drawbacks associated with bay windows, to help inform your decision and determine whether bay windows are a good fit for your home.

Benefits Of Installing Bay Windows

Increased Space

Bay windows come in an outward protruding shape, which means that the floor space of the room they’re installed in can increase by up to a few feet in length. Basically, installing a bay window provides more square footage for your home, transforming a small, cramped room with the perception of more space. With a bay window, you can use the additional space to create a cozy reading nook, a seating area, or perhaps a ledge where you can showcase some of your favorite plants or trinkets.

Add Value To Your Home

Due to their elegant appearance, bay windows are the preferred choice for a majority of homeowners who are seeking to improve their home’s aesthetic value. Not only that, but as we mentioned before, since these windows protrude out of the house, it increases the square footage of your home as well.

A Great Source Of Natural Light & Ventilation

Bay windows, owing to their overall size, have the ability to allow large amounts of natural light into the space within where they’re installed. Where the bay installation has side openers and top openers to it they also allow good ventilation into the room.

An Unbeatable View

A bay window has a least three or more large panes of glass , while typical windows have two glass panes at most. Essentially, you can expect to enjoy a wider field of view, which comes in handy if you want to make the most out of a spectacular horizon or skyline.

Drawbacks Of Installing Bay Windows

Can Cause Significant Structural Issues For DIY Installs

When bay windows are installed, it’s essential that the structure above them is well supported throughout the entire process– this is typically achieved with the use of two or more steel supports. It’s also paramount that the right bay windows are installed for the structure, since there are some bay windows that are load bearing and you will need to make sure the bays installed have load-bearing strength. Failure to ensure that the above two things are achieved can lead to serious building damage or in worse cases, collapse.

Can Let In Too Much Light & Difficult To Find Window Treatments

Though we previously framed a bay windows ability to let in natural light as a benefit, it can also be a disadvantage for homeowners who prefer cooler environments or have fabrics inside their home that could be damaged by direct sunlight. So, if you enjoy keeping your home a bit on the cool side, or you have fabrics that can be damaged by direct long-term exposure to sunlight, it may be useful to purchase the windows with high ratings against solar heat gain.

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Originally published March 2017
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