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Will a new entry door increase the value of your home?

Many people do not pay much attention to their doors until they are looking to decorate them for the holiday or they are interested in determining if a door can increase the value of their home. Installing a new entry door can improve the curb appeal of your house, provide security features, and improve the energy efficiencies.

How does an entry door impact the curb appeal of your home?

In the competitive real estate market, every detail matters when it comes to increasing the value of your home. One often overlooked yet impactful upgrade is investing in a new entry door. Beyond being a mere gateway, your front door can significantly influence your property’s curb appeal and overall value.

The Power of First Impressions

The entryway is the first thing guests and potential buyers notice about your home. A stylish and well-maintained door can instantly create a positive impression. Imagine a new entry door as a welcoming handshake, setting the tone for what lies beyond. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about making a statement.

Security Features

Investing in a high-quality new entry door can also contribute to the safety of your home. Modern doors often come with advanced security features, providing peace of mind for you and future homeowners. In addition to an array of different lock systems, the following are some common security features found in new entry doors:

  1. Solid Construction: High-quality entry doors are constructed with durable materials, such as solid wood, fiberglass, or metal. Solid construction adds a layer of physical strength, making it more difficult for intruders to force their way in.
  2. Reinforced Frames: The door frame is a critical component of security. Reinforced frames, often made of steel or other sturdy materials, provide additional support and make it harder for the door to be kicked in or forced open.
  3. Impact-Resistant Glass: If your entry door features glass panels, consider using impact-resistant glass. This type of glass is designed to withstand strong impacts, reducing the risk of break-ins through the door.
  4. Security Strike Plates: The strike plate is the metal plate on the door frame where the latch or bolt engages. Upgrading to a security strike plate with longer screws reinforces the door frame and provides better resistance against forced entry.
  5. Peepholes and Door Viewers: Including a peephole or door viewer allows residents to see who is outside without fully opening the door. This simple feature enhances security by allowing visual confirmation of a visitor’s identity.
  6. Security Bar or Chain: These additional locking mechanisms provide a partial opening for communication while keeping the door securely closed. They are especially useful for enhancing security during interactions with strangers at the door.
  7. Soundproofing: Some modern entry doors come with soundproofing features, which not only improve privacy but also make it more difficult for outside noises or conversations to be overheard.

Improving The Energy Efficiency of the House

A professionally installed, energy-efficient replacement door can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the house. It will eliminate drafts, and keep cold weather and hot weather out. And will keep the heating and air conditioning in.

When considering a new entry door, it’s crucial to partner with professionals who prioritize craftsmanship and installation precision. In Connecticut, J. C. Tonnotti door installers stand out as experts in the field. Their commitment to excellence ensures that your investment not only looks fantastic but also withstands the test of time.

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