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Bay and Bow

The Harvey® Bow window provides a soft, gentle curved look from one end to the other.

Bow windows showcase a view and provide more natural light, similar to bay windows.

Whether your home has flat or round (turret) exterior walls, a bow window enhances the look of a home both outside and inside the room.


They operate by a crank which makes them easy to open. For example, a window over a sink that is hard reach can be easily opened to lift up or down. They can be installed in places where traditional double hung windows would not be appropriate, such as above cabinets, on stairs or anywhere else where you wish to have more light.

Double Hung

J.C. Tonnotti Window Company recommends installing Harvey® double hung replacement windows for Connecticut home owners because they are easy to clean, energy efficient, classic, and secure.


Bring the outdoors into the home with kitchen garden windows. Display plants or collectibles in natural light and allowing for charm and whimsy.


These basement windows tilt in from the top with a gentle tug on the handle. The hopper windows include full screens and are custom made to fit openings. This is especially valuable when dealing with masonry openings.

Sliding or Rolling

Harvey® replacement sliding windows are an ideal system for large, horizontal openings. Also known as sliders, rolling windows allow ventilation from both ends of the unit and feature brass rollers for smooth operation.

Top 4 Pros for Replacement Window


Did you know that a 1/16 – inch gap in a standard-size window allows as much air to enter your home as a missing brick in your wall? Replacement windows are measured to fit perfectly into your home.


Replacement windows have modern features making them easier to clean.


Energy Star rated windows help keep your cooling and heating costs down, allowing you to boost the overall energy efficiency of your home.


Replacement windows will increase the value of your home and increase your homes curb appeal.

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