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Best Home Improvement Projects
Highest ROI for CT Homeowners


Are you thinking about selling your home and want to make a few improvements before putting your house on the market but you don’t know where to start?

Before investing in home improvement projects that will increase the value and make your CT home stand out from the rest. Find out about the top 3 home improvements to focus on for the best ROI!

1 – Improve Curb Appeal

front doorENTRY DOOR REPLACEMENT: Your entry door holds a lot more value than most people realize. The front door is what invites people in and is the first thing they see as they are walking up to your home.

An entryway door is also important for security and many of the new replacement doors are very secure. The best doors for ROI are fiberglass with about 66% recoup and steel doors at about 88% recoup, according to the CVV report. These doors add a beautiful look to your home with several designs and are strong to withstand extreme weather and other security issues. People want a home that is safe, beautiful, has enough space for their family as well as being unique and well-designed.

Entry doors, as well as other replacement doors, can help you achieve your selling goals, and give you a great return on your investment for the lowest cost investment. Other curb appeal features to consider is painting the home, replacement windows, and landscaping.

2 – Creating Space with a Finished Basement and Attic Improvements

ATTIC Improvements: One of the benefits of having an attic is the extra space it provides your home. Often people leave the attic unused or use it for storage space.

According to a Cost vs. Value Report, adding a bedroom to the attic, you can recoup 68% of the cost.

People love having an extra bedroom, office, or playroom. But these rooms are even more valuable if they have insulation, proper lighting, and good flooring. In addition to creating a functional room, the space will be insulated and therefore helping to lower your heating and cooling costs.

Finished BASEMENT: A finished basement provides several opportunities. The room can be anything you want. Let your creativity soar and with your extra space, you can have that home office, fitness room or hang out space you have always wanted. You can even turn your basement into a home theater which will really make your family’s movie night epic. Whatever you decide to turn your basement into the CvV report states that a remodeled basement will recoup your cost by about 58%. Finishing your basement can be a costly task but can highly beneficial. You’ll have more space that is warm and comfortable to be in rather than a cold and damp basement that loses it’s potential because space is only used to hold old boxes in a room no one wants to be in. Guests will love visiting your home with a room that has several entertaining possibilities.

3 – Bathroom Remodel

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Remodeling the bathroom can be beneficial to you as well as a return on investment. Whether you need a more functional bathroom with new features such as the toilet or sink or just want to have a trendier style, remodeling your bathroom can help. The Cost vs. Value Report states that remodeling your bathroom will show a recoup around 58% of your costs. Depending on your budget try adding something unique that people will love like a walk in shower or colorful tile floors. Another trend that has been popular for bathrooms is to add built-in storage where they have even more space for bathroom amenities and decoration. Just adding some plants and adequate lighting can make the look of the bathroom more lively and bright. The best remodel you can do for your bathroom is to make it more open, creative and unique.

Want to improve your home with projects that will increase your ROI? Contact us for a free consultation with JC Tonnotti to get started on your home improvement projects.

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